Wedding Gift to Evgenia & Igor from Russian Gymnasts

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Wedding gift to Evgenia Kanaeva and Igor Musatov by Russian Gymnasts! So this is how everything got started.. Translation from Russian description: Two people don't know about the existence of each other. But one day can change their lives forever, and bring their ways into one. Interlace two destinies and now two people are one indivisible whole. Everything started like that.... Zhenya is a beautiful girl, talented gymnast and great person who by coincidence was in the hospital. Probably, at first sight, it's seems sad but if she hadn't been there exactly at that moment, they would never have met. All rights to the owners of this video!! I think this was really cute gesture and funny too :) Cast: Bride - Ksenia Dudkina Groom - Egor Kanaeva (Zhenya's brother) Doctor - Ekaterina Donich Driver - Anastasia Bliznyuk Nurse - Ulyana Donskova Filmed by Oleg Naumov. Ksusha is so cute in the bloopers! :D
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Молодцы ребята, а главное от души !)
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